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Individual cakes are very popular, we at Tee's Treatz put our own spin on the classic dessert.  From the classic molten chocolate lava cakes to individual strawberry shortcakes, we at Tee's are always finding new ways to re-invent ourselves.  Pick a cake, pick a filling, topped it with some more yummies and you have the perfect dessert!

Choose your cake: Choose your lava: Choose your toppings:
Vanilla bean Chocolate Vanilla whip cream
Chocolate Vanilla bean Chocolate whip cream
German chocolate Strawberry  Lemon whip cream
Lemon Maple bacon Coloured crystal sugar
Strawberry shortcake Cheese cake cream
Red velvet Coconut cream

We are always coming up with new flavours and fillings.  

Ask us about our latest creations!!

E-mail us with all your questions!


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