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Tee's Treatz Cupcakes

At Tee's Treatz we pride ourselves in using the best and freshest ingredients creating delectable treatz for all your occasions. Always fresh baked and never frozen. Customize your own cupcakes today.

Tee's Treatz
Choose your cupcake: Choose your frosting:
Classic Flavours: Vanilla buttercream
Chocolate Chocolate buttercream
Vanilla Chocolate vanilla swirl
Lemon Maple buttercream
Choco-vanilla swirl Maple bacon buttercream
Blueberry Lemon buttercream
Chocolate chip Lemonade buttercream
Tee's signature: Vanilla Meringue
Lemonade Chocolate meringue
German chocolate Blueberry buttercream
Death by chocolate Strawberry buttercream
Bacon maple cream Orange cream
Chocolate chip maple Classic cream cheese
Chocolate pancake Lemon cream cheese
Strawberry short-cake Orange cream cheese
Lemon meringue Chocolate cream cheese
Key-Lime Vanilla cream cheese
Red velvet Chocolate ganache
Vanilla fudge
Chocolate fudge
Peanut butter cream
M&M minis cupcake
Skore chunks cupcake

Inquire about our stuffed cupcakes.

Call 514-947-6278
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